These images were provided by Lester Bowden. Thanks very much to them. I am not totally sure these are all Commonweal are some from the other Lodges?

We still need a picture of a blazer … anyone got one?

The list supplied by Lester Bowden …

Commonweal Lodge Uniform

Lodge School blazer
Lodge School plain green blazer (Years 10 & 11)
Lodge School grey kilt
Lodge School grey skirt (style no 141, Years 10 & 11)
Lodge School tie
Lodge School cardigan or pullover
Lodge School green Puffa jacket or Lodge School rainmac or black jacket
Lodge School black fleece scarf (optional)
Black fleece gloves (optional)
Lodge School ski hat (optional)
Black tights – no less than 20 dernier
White long sleeved shirt, shirt collar (winter)
White short sleeved, open neck shirt (summer)
Black low heeled, non-fashion shoes
Hair accessories – Alice style hairbands or scrunchies in plain dark green, school red, black or grey

P.E. Kit

All Terms
Lodge School green gym skirt
Lodge School green satin stripe shorts
Lodge School lycra running knickers
Lodge School polo shirt with logo
Lodge School sweatshirt
Lodge School jogging bottoms
White short sports socks
White trainers (not basketball style)
Black leotard (optional)
Summer Term
Tennis racket
Green swimming costume
Black or white swimming hat
Waterproof swimming bag

Additional Items

Lodge School green science overall (with initials embroidered on back)
Black school bag
Sports bag
Apron for Home Economics

From the 2008 Newsletter:

• Open neck white blouse (not shirt)
• Skirt: grey kilt (Y7—9) or grey skirt (Y10 & 11)
• Tights: black opaque (not black or white socks) & plain black low-heeled shoes
• Blazer: striped Y7—9; plain green Y10& 11
• Coat: plain black (no fur or coloured trim/lining and not black puffa style jacket)
• Scarf: Plain green, black, grey or red
• Hair accessories: plain green, black, grey or red
• School bag: plain colour suitable for carrying A4 sized folders
• Natural hair colour and no make-up (incl. nail varnish)

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  1. Ellen says:

    Not as cool as ours (1970s).
    I actually liked the stripy blazer. Remember the short lived brown cape? I think only Harriet had one!

  2. Charlotte Norton says:

    lol i still have most of this..ahhhhh memories

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