1960s and 1970s


Up to 4th year … Brown bibbed tunic
After 4th Year …¬†Brown skirt
White shirt,
Green tie (or house colours)
Green or beige jumper
Voluminous brown knickers ….
Brown beret, or black velour hat see hatband below


Checked dress (green, brown or yellow)
Matching voluminous checked knickers (green, brown or yellow)
White socks
Green brown and yellow striped blazer (see above),
Straw boater with a green, brown and yellow band and before that a panama hat – a small straw hat with turned up rim


Hat band for black winter hat and summer boater (possibly from earlier because I remember ours as being green and brown)


White or beige aertex shirt
Pleated brown skirt and, in winter, thick brown woollen culotte type shorts

Uniform List 1961

Click on the image to see a full list of uniform from 1961 (pdf)

3 Responses to 1960s and 1970s

  1. Emma Green says:

    my husband who went to an Essex Comprehensive School cannot believe the uniform that we had in the 1980’s!!!!! In fact he finds it hard to believe that a school like Commonweal ever existed in the first place!!!!!!

  2. Helen Gordon says:

    I left in 1978 I still have my uniform

  3. Charlotte Norton says:

    wow…. i remember f we forgot our blazes for assembly we had to wear one of those green and brown ones it was waaay to big on me :)

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