School Song

The world is wide and the ways across
Are diverse and manifold,
But to guide us right there is many a light
Once lit by the men of old.


You may take short cuts or long,
Alone or one of a throng;
But look to the light on the distant height,
Keep troth! Follow on!

The Wake, who fought for a glorious past,
As a champion bold appears;
He lost the fight but he left a light
To shine through the changing years.

Repeat chorus

Edward, the King of unblemished word,
Toiled with the kingly aim
Of making a whole out of broken parts
And left us a guiding flame.

Repeat chorus

Out of the stores of a present time
And the wealth of the days of old
Alfred drew with inspired touch
Treasures of purest gold.
He wrought with these for the years to come
A pillar of living light,
And with vision set on the Prince of Peace
He warred on the powers of night.

Final chorus

The way may be short or long
And filled with sighing or song
But the light burns bright on the distant height,
Keep troth! Follow on!

Does anyone have a video or audio clip of the school song?

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