Raiding Game

The raiding game used to take place in the afternoon but more recently it was played before lunch.

Teams consisting of seven members, playing against each other one attacking and one defending.   The pitch is a rectangle, I don’t think any particular size. The flag is placed in the centre of the far short side.  

The aim is to get the flag back to your half of the base line as many times as possible within a limited time, how long I don’t remember.   

The attackers and defenders start behind the line on the lower short side (the starting line)

An attacker, or more, runs to grab the flag from the ground chased by a defender.   The defenders can only send out the same number of defenders as there are attackers on the pitch.  If the attackers are caught, as in touched, they have to freeze and wait for a team mate to touch them thereby releasing them. A defender can only tag once before returning to base and an attacker can only release once before returning to base.  If the flag bearer goes outside the lines they have to return to where they went out.  If all the attackers are tagged on the pitch and there are none left behind the line that is the end of their ‘go’.  

Mostly the team send out a pair to start with, one to grab the flag and the other to intercept the tag so the flag bearer can get home and then subsequent attackers go out to aid the journey of the flag back to base.   A member of the team then rushes the flag back as quickly as possible and the attackers set off to get it again! 

All the houses play against each other and the house with the greatest number of home runs wins.  

There is a pole on which the winning house banner was hung.   A ‘house’ coloured tape was added to the pole

Pictures from 2009 …

Thanks again to Pauline Cardwell for refreshing my memory of this game. I used to love playing it but had forgotten many of the finer details … Nikki

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