Do you remember playing “Pirates” on the last gym session of term?  WE are not sure how long this lasted or when it started but it was definitely being played in the 1960’s and 1970’s.

Two pirates would set out to tag the rest of the pupils.  Every single piece of gym equipment was set out around the hall and pupils and pirates would try to outwit one another by risking shortcuts between various pieces of equipment.  You were not allowed to touch the gym floor – if you did, you were out.  Mats and other floor equipment were set out to enable pupils to move around without touching the gym floor, sometimes having to jump some distance from one mat to the next.  Some pupils being chased would climb the ropes right up to the ceiling then pull the rope up behind them to avoid being tagged by a pirate!  The last two untagged pupils became the next pirates. 

“Pirates” was terrific fun but makes me exhausted just thinking about it nowadays.

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