Alfred’s Day

Alfred’s Day took place in the Autumn Term on the Friday before half term.  

Recently the day began with assembly followed by community singing from Alfred’s Song Book .   There was also a drama competition, themes given out a week or two before the day, so after the sing song some girls would go to rehearse, others to decorate the tables.   The Raiding Game took place before lunch followed after lunch by the drama productions.  

We always had a special lunch, we used to have chocolate blancmange with coloured hundreds and thousands on it.   I think our first course was sausages, mashed potatoes and mushy peas.   More recently they had sausages, chips and sweetcorn followed by chocolate cake.   The food representing the school colours.

Recently each house chose a theme, tied in with the house colours.   They would decorate the tables i.e. make place mats, napkin rings etc.   The house banners would stand at the end of the long tables and everyone sat in houses.   The staff all sat on the stage.    Several members of staff would decide which was the best display and points were allocated towards a final score at the end of the day.   The ritual toasts were all made and drunk in mead (squash).  

All the different sections were judged and the total points from the various sections of the day were added and the banner of the winning house was hung on the pole, plus the tape.

By Pauline Cardwell (Butcher)

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  1. Shona Grace (nee Tatham) says:

    I loved Alfred’s day, we all had to dress up in our house colours, felt sorry for anyone in Wessex which was yellow and green! I was in ‘Kent’ (black and white) so got away quite lightly but remember getting told off by Mrs Horne (awesome french teacher) for wearing a grey sweater. Funny the things you remember. Happy days…

  2. Kirsten Havard (nee Gollin) says:

    I was at Commonweal from 1966 to 1977! My favourite memory of Alfred’s Day is the ‘OOzy Black Mud’ – chocolate cake with green sprinkles on – that is what it was called in my day! I also loved the Alfred’s Day song, in fact now I think of it – Alfred’s Day was the best!

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