Staff in 2006

Gillian Arnold, Science
Tom Austin, Maths
Sian Baldwin, Science
Liz Baughan, English
Alison Bottaglia, Arts and Careers
Sarah Colyer, Music
Jan Coombe, Geography
Cathy Dalton, Maths
Flor de Andrews, Spanish
Christel Fournes, French
Sharon Gleed-Smith, PE, SEN and G&T
Pam Goodwin, PE, History and Maths
Debbie Grayson, English
Barbara Hanson, Science
Caroline Hosker, Science
Di Jones, Drama
Una Kendall, Business Studies
Bethany Lee-Smith, Drama, Library and Music
Veronica Leonard, SEN and French
Chris Lipscombe, Maths
Jim Mitchell, ICT
Natasha Morgan, Science
Ruth Parker, Food Tech and PHSCE and Child Development
Edith Suter, Deputy Head, History and ICT
Petra Vogel, History and English

Pam Maynard, Principal and RE Teacher