Class of 1954

My ‘O’ level year was 1954. There were 15 of us in the Vth Form and in those days there was not much movement of pupils and we had all been together since Form III some of us earlier than that.   I started at Commonweal House in the As and Bs with Miss Chivers in September 1945.
Dawn Brisley
Susan Bourne
Pauline Butcher
Jennifer Cameron
Rosemary Cash
Judy Fretwell
Heather Gallannaugh
Vivian Miller
Mary Milroy
Tessa Milward
Gillian Naylor
Diana Morrison Jones
Susan Potter
Gillian Tinniswood
Phyllis Workman
Miss Doran was our form mistress.   How sad that I can still remember the register!
In 1953 in the LVth there were also:-
Geraldine Brown
Patricia Euren
Dorothy Michael
Anne Walker
Jennifer Walker

Miss Goodwill was our form mistress.

Pauline Cardwell (Butcher)

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The classes have been named according to the year in which the class took O levels or GCSE’s.

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The class of 1972 had a reunion on 4th June 2016. Photos to follow :)

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Class of 1972

Fiona Allward, Paula Boraston, Heather Chapman, Donna Farrell, Julie Green, Alex Hildred, Ann Hughes, Sarah Knight, Anne Linton, Nicky Lloyd, Ellen Parkin, Nicole Portland, Andrea Saunders, Nikki Vine, Harriet Waddilove, Philippa Wright

LEFT EARLIER : Nicky Austin, Alison Blayney, Beth Burnapp, Corinna Chute, Joanna Evans-Thomas, Elizabeth Gordon, Diane Guyer, Ann McKay, Vanessa Martin, Marilyn Noyes, Diana Ormston, Debbie Reider, Mona Risk, Vivienne Salisbury, Melanie Smith, Nickie Spiller, Elizabeth Taylor, Cheryl Wyatt (Schneider)

Thanks for your help on this Philippa

Visit to the Houses of Parliament in 1969

Front row: Nicole Portland, Sally Bray, a visiting French student,
Diana Ormston, Elizabeth Taylor, Donna Farrell, Julie Green,
Vanessa Martin, Nicky Lloyd, Sarah Knight, Cheryl Wyatt,
Paula Boraston, Debbie Reider, Heather Chapman,
Joanna Evans-Thomas, Anne Linton, Andrea Saunders

Behind: Chantal Gaulle, Fiona Allward, Miss Berry, Beth Burnapp,
Mona Risk, Miss Arnold, Philippa Wright, Ellen Parkin,
Michaela Butter, Nikki Vine, Tina Carragher, Pat Carey

Class Picture 1970

Standing: Anne Linton, Elizabeth Taylor, Andrea Saunders, Nicky Lloyd,
Donna Farrell, Fiona Allward, Alex Hildred

Front Row: Nikki Vine, Sarah Knight, Paula Boraston, Ann Hughes,
Heather Chapman, Philippa Wright, Harriet Waddilove

Out on the Tennis Courts during a Fire Drill – 1971

Front: Heather Chapman, Anne Linton, Nicky Lloyd,
Sarah Knight, Nikki Vine, Julie Green

Back: Ellen Parkin, Donna Farrell, Philippa Wright


Teacher – Miss Tilbrook. Class – Nikki Vine on the horse, Paula Boraston upside-down on the box.  Nicky Lloyd is in the foreground and Donna is standing by the box.  Ann Hughes is getting up off the mat and Anne Linton is sitting on the sloping form. We think Sarah Knight is behind Paula’s head.

Teacher – Miss Tilbrook. Class – Ann Hughes is crouched on the mat, Anne Linton is on the sloping form, Donna is standing by the box, Nicky Lloyd is doing a headstand on the box.  We think Paula Boraston upside-down on the climbing frame and Nikki Vine behind the horse.

Do you remember playing “Pirates” on the last gym session of term? 

Staff in the 1970s

M E Adams, Chemistry and Physics
J M Arnold, Biology
M Audus, PE
G S Berry, Music
S M Bosley, French
J R Britton, French
E Caffyn, Music
N Cochrane, Physics and Maths
D B Cutter, Geography
V Hoad, English
K E Lewis, Art
J McLennan, History
G Reich, French, Latin
J Scott, PE
S Y Stanford, PE
S M Tilbrook, Drama and PE
J Woodroffe, Needlework

J M Blunden, Principal

Staff in the 1960s

K Adams, Grammar and Spelling
K M Adams, Civics
M E Adams, Chemistry and Physics
J M Arnold, Biology
G Berry, Music
B Binns, General Studies (Lower School)
Mme Bosley, French
J R Britton, French
V Boustred, Speech Training
D M Budd, Speech Training, Drama
E Caffyn, Music
D G Chivers, General Studies (Lower School)
N Cochrane, Maths
A M Crick, French
Frau Culver, German
D Cutter, Geography
S Dean, Geography
P Finalyson, Geography
V Gardner, Speech Training (Lower School)
A J Greenhough, PE
C Gosnell, General Studies
V Hoad, English
M G Hunt, Chemistry and Physics
E Jacquet, Maths
K E Lewis, Art
J McLennan, History
Miss Morrison
M H Pocock, Maths
G Reich, French, Latin
J Skevington, English Literature
G M Smith, Biology
R Stewart, English
S M Tilbrook, PE
E Wakeley, PE
G Wood, Maths
W M Wood, PE
J Woodroffe, English

J M Blunden, Principal