Staff between 2000 and 2005

Gillian Arnold, Science
Tom Austin, Maths
Sian Baldwin, Science
Liz Baughan, English
Alison Bottaglia, Arts and Careers
Natisha Checkley, Science
Sarah Colyer, Music
Jan Coombe, Geography
Cathy Dalton, Maths
Christel Fournes, French
Jenny Fry, SEN
Sharon Gleed-Smith, PE, SEN and G&T
Debbie Grayson, English
Christianne Hall, French and Spanish
Barbara Hanson, Science
Caroline Hosker, Science
Di Jones, Drama
Una Kendall, Business Studies
Veronica Leonard, SEN
Chris Lipscombe, Maths
Jim Mitchell, ICT
Ruth Parker, Food Tech and PHSCE
Edith Suter, Deputy Head, History and ICT
Petra Vogel, History and English
Karen Williams, PE

Pam Maynard, Principal and RE Teacher

Mixed year reunion September 2009

These are a few photos from a reunion at The Rubbing House in Epsom on 23rd September 2009

Rosemary (Norton) Northfield, Pat (Ward)  Thake, Tessa (Rudebeck) Ryder-Runton, Angela (Nicholls) Winkley, Sally (Everitt) Corrigan

Ann (Stevens) Stedman, Janet (Highfield) Eyet, Cherry (Kemp) Norman

Rosemary (Hollands) Brooks, Gillian (Scott) Lambert

Anne (Cameron) Sheppard, Vivian (Miller) Clarke

Valerie Bourne niece of Miss Bourne co-founder. Anne

Janet, Cherry and Tillette (Hiscox) Brett

Next reunion will be at The Rubbing House, Epsom on Monday 17th October

Class of 1954 reunion 13th October 2010

We all meet up, in twos or threes, on an irregular, regular basis throughout the year but do try and keep our October meeting date as a ‘three line whip’!   Back row= Pauline Cardwell (Butcher), Jennifer Isaacs (Cameron), Vivian Clarke (Miller), and front row = Heather Bearne (Gallannaugh) and Mary Mark (Milroy). We usually number many more but this year our number was very depleted.

Next reunion planned for Wednesday 12th October 2011 at the R.O.R.C in London


A list of past and future reunions

To help identify classes, we are using the date when the class would have generally been sixteen and taking ‘O’ Levels. Some people in that class may have left before they were sixteen but they are still part of that class. For example my class took ‘O’ Levels in 1972 so we have listed all the people who had ever been part of this class whether they were still at the school in 1972 or not.

1950’s photos

1952 Brenda Smith, Sally Everitt, Angela Cramp , Heather Gallannaugh, Pauline Butcher, Anne Gieple, Gillian Scott, Jennifer Etheridge, Penny Banks, Angela Booth, Miss Why, Jane Fawcus, Elaine Burns, Dawn Brisley, Carol Pattisson, Susan Bourne, Janet Webb

1952 Gilzean Cramp, June Bradmen, Elizabeth Scobie, June Humpherson, Beryl Frisby, Cherry Kemp, Miss Bray, Geraldine Bastow, Gaby Weg.

Class of 1954

My ‘O’ level year was 1954. There were 15 of us in the Vth Form and in those days there was not much movement of pupils and we had all been together since Form III some of us earlier than that.   I started at Commonweal House in the As and Bs with Miss Chivers in September 1945.
Dawn Brisley
Susan Bourne
Pauline Butcher
Jennifer Cameron
Rosemary Cash
Judy Fretwell
Heather Gallannaugh
Vivian Miller
Mary Milroy
Tessa Milward
Gillian Naylor
Diana Morrison Jones
Susan Potter
Gillian Tinniswood
Phyllis Workman
Miss Doran was our form mistress.   How sad that I can still remember the register!
In 1953 in the LVth there were also:-
Geraldine Brown
Patricia Euren
Dorothy Michael
Anne Walker
Jennifer Walker

Miss Goodwill was our form mistress.

Pauline Cardwell (Butcher)

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cropped-HT.gifIf you went to Commonweal, you should be able to find yourself on one of the whole school photo’s on this site. Happy remembering! 

The site contains information about the school, how it started, its traditions, its headmistresses, its buildings, the uniform, the school song, Alfred’s day etc. etc. We have started it off but now need you to contribute any memories, photos, audio clips, video clips or anything you think would be interesting to other Old Knots.

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The classes have been named according to the year in which the class took O levels or GCSE’s.

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Latest news –

The class of 1972 had a reunion on 4th June 2016. Photos to follow :)

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