Your help please

If you went to Commonweal Lodge as a student or a teacher or if you are a friend of the school, we would love your help to make this site as interesting and informative as possible. We need your memories and photographs, we also need volunteers to help run this site  …

How to contribute and volunteers needed

* Adding information to pages (the links above the banner photo) send to other volunteers needed to help please

* Adding comments to posts (the links below the banner photo) anyone can do this.

* Adding new posts and editing posts – volunteer class coordinators needed from each year please.

Class coordinators

So far we have …

Class of 1972 (most of the class taking O levels in 1972) contact Paula Boraston to add any information

Please don’t worry if the thought of contributing or uploading stuff to the site makes you wobble in your boots. It is really easy once you have done it once. We will give lots of support until you feel confident.


If you are an experienced facebooker or twitterer, would you be interested in running a facebook/twitter for this Commonweal Old Knots site? Please let me know

General Site Guidelines

In general, we will leave it to you, the community, to manage your own conduct. We ask that you treat other website participants with respect. Please remember that this is a public venue read by many people of all ages.

8 Responses to Your help please

  1. Hi
    Thanks for setting up this site. Is it still active? If so, I have a few photos I could scan in and send you.
    I was at Commonweal 1959-69.

  2. Melissa Arsan and April chitty says:

    I have a photo how do I upload it?

  3. Emma Green says:

    does anyone know what happened to Mrs Tanque? She taught me history and I’d love to know what happened to her. I know she lived in Chiswick and had a daughter who was at the peace camp at Greenham Common.

  4. Janette Newbould says:

    Not sure if this website is still updated but I’m sure I have a blazer in the loft somewhere and several photos including some of Miss Blunden’s retirement presentation assembly.
    Let me know if they are of interest and I’ll sort them out.
    Janette (nee Skeet)
    Commonweal Lodge 1975-1982

    • Nikki says:

      Hi Janette

      If you could scan the photos and email them to me, I will put them on this site. I had left before Miss Blunden retired and would love to see her retirement presentation

      Many thanks


  5. Melanie Gibbins says:

    I have just read the note you left on the Old Knots Retired website. I noticed your note is from August 2012, but if your friend is still looking for someone to take the items relating to Commonweal, I would be happy to take them. I am an old girl myself and would be more than happy to help. Please do drop me an email and I will pass on my phone number. Regards, Melanie Gibbins

  6. Philippa Colley (nee Bigg) says:

    Class of 1966. Had a reunion with Susan Bowser and 5 others on Saturday. Sue has a lot of memorabilia relating to Commonweal. She does not use a computer. Is there a name, address or phone number that she could contact as she may well in the future wish to donate these items to the Old Knots, rather than have them destroyed. If you could contact me on this e-mail address I will forward on any information you could give me.

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