Staff in the 1970s

M E Adams, Chemistry and Physics
J M Arnold, Biology
M Audus, PE
G S Berry, Music
S M Bosley, French
J R Britton, French
E Caffyn, Music
N Cochrane, Physics and Maths
D B Cutter, Geography
V Hoad, English
K E Lewis, Art
J McLennan, History
G Reich, French, Latin
J Scott, PE
S Y Stanford, PE
S M Tilbrook, Drama and PE
J Woodroffe, Needlework

J M Blunden, Principal

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  1. Angela Winkley nee Nicholls says:

    As a matter of interest Miss Mclennan, Miss Woodroffe, who was Form Mistress of Form II in my day and Miss Gosnell, Form Mistress of LII all taught my 2 daughters, Elizabeth and Jane Coskry, as well as me. This must be quite a record of longevity of service to Commonweal considering I left in 1953 and the girls left in the 1970’s!!

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