Staff in the 1960s

K Adams, Grammar and Spelling
K M Adams, Civics
M E Adams, Chemistry and Physics
J M Arnold, Biology
G Berry, Music
B Binns, General Studies (Lower School)
Mme Bosley, French
J R Britton, French
V Boustred, Speech Training
D M Budd, Speech Training, Drama
E Caffyn, Music
D G Chivers, General Studies (Lower School)
N Cochrane, Maths
A M Crick, French
Frau Culver, German
D Cutter, Geography
S Dean, Geography
P Finalyson, Geography
V Gardner, Speech Training (Lower School)
A J Greenhough, PE
C Gosnell, General Studies
V Hoad, English
M G Hunt, Chemistry and Physics
E Jacquet, Maths
K E Lewis, Art
J McLennan, History
Miss Morrison
M H Pocock, Maths
G Reich, French, Latin
J Skevington, English Literature
G M Smith, Biology
R Stewart, English
S M Tilbrook, PE
E Wakeley, PE
G Wood, Maths
W M Wood, PE
J Woodroffe, English

J M Blunden, Principal

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8 Responses to Staff in the 1960s

  1. Philippa Wright says:

    Miss Berry…the man who looks after Flanders and Swann Web Page has never heard of her…ssssshh I think she’s still alive and not enough lacrosse goalie pads to go round.

  2. Philippa Wright says:

    Hi Nikki

    Miss Wood/Mrs Bun PE Miss Tillbrook and Mrs Bun were our joint form teachers 1970-71.
    Mrs Stewart English (1969 Winter Term only, pregnant and very barmy until the end when she became quite the opposite!)
    Miss Bremner Junior school teacher and Form B Mistress
    There was an old male Spanish teacher…
    Miss Broadbent…English maybe??

  3. Ellen says:

    I so remember Miss Britton’s French/Bristol accent …. she was on Mastermind but didn’t win.

  4. Angela Winkley nee Nicholls says:

    Mme Bosley is also missing from this list. She taught both Liz and Jane and was responsible for both of them speaking such good French and also for Liz attending the Institut Francaise after her A Levels when she decided against going to University. Miss Blunden once told me that the examiners for the oral French exams were impressed by the girls’ French accents which Miss Blunden said were entirely due to Mme Bosley. She now lives in France. If anyone wants her address there I know that Liz has it.

  5. Christine Baron (nee Salter) says:

    I left Commonweal in 1968 and I see that Miss Morrison is not included in the list of teachers for the 60s; she taught English and has had a lasting, profound effect on me. Her reading of The Thirty Nine Steps has made it my all-time favourite book and she worked valiantly taking us through some epic poems – anyone remember Sohrab and Rustrum (not sure about the spelling of the second name)?

    Our school rules seemed petty and trivial at the time but goodness how they have been a mantra for life – A place for everything and everything to be in its place is the one that stays with me.

    • Nikki says:

      Thanks Christine, I have added Miss Morrison. I was going from the list of teachers who had written in my school reports from 1966 so I will not know about the teachers earlier or those teaching in the senior school whilst I was in the lower school. Please let me know any others I am missing. I was wondering whether to do a snapshot of the teachers in the whole school photos and see how many we can name

  6. Anne Leekam nee Savage says:

    I and my 2 sisters Mary and Carolyn were at Commonweal in the late 50’s to early 70’s. I have been living in Toronto,Canada for the last 35yrs. I left Commonweal in 1968. I would be delighted to hear from anyone in my class. Thanks so much for keeping the school alive

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