Class of 1972 Reunion 2000

Reunion at Chipstead Golf Course – 2000

Front: Harriet Waddilove, Beth Burnapp, Nicole Portland, Donna Farrell, Alex Hildred, Ellen Parkin, Anne Linton, Heather Chapman, Andrea Saunders

Second: Sarah Knight, Nicky Lloyd, Nickie Spiller, Diane Guyer, Joanna Evans-Thomas

Back: Ann McKay, Paula Boraston, Ann Hughes

Alex, Ellen, Donna and Andrea

Left to Right: Sarah, Ann McK, Donna, Nicky L, Alex, Paula, Ellen, Ann H, Nickie S, Anne L, Diane, Joanna

Paula and Ann H

Andrea, Beth, Joanna and Heather

Nicole, Sarah, Nicky L, Donna and Heather

Ann McK, Ann H and Paula

Nicky L, Alex and Ellen

Sarah, Nicky L, Donna, Heather and Ellen

Heather and Andrea

Heather and Andrea

Sarah, Beth and Ellen

Foreground: Nicole, Donna and Nicky L

Left to Right: Harriet, Beth, Nicole, Sarah, Donna, Ann McK, Nicky L, Alex, Paula, Ellen, Nickie S, Ann H, Anne L, Diane, Joanna, Heather and Andrea

Nicole, Donna, Alex, Nicky L and Ann H

Nicole Portland

Harriet Waddilove

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2 Responses to Class of 1972 Reunion 2000

  1. Helen Gordon says:

    I used to Live by Chipstead Golf Club

    • Jacqueline Peazold says:

      Living in Australia now, would love to contact any of class ’82 (moved at 18 so never had opportunity to attend any reunions!)

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